Network Infrastructure running

We experienced network issues related to a broadcast storm on the London Internet Exchange (LINX) on their Juniper network. Our core switch facing the LINX network received high amounts of traffic and caused our switches CPU to max out at 100%. This could cause intermittent routing issues as peers established and dropped to other providers over the LINX so we shutdown our LINX Juniper interface, we continue to receive LINX traffic over LINX Extreme and over our normal transit routes. At the same time we became aware of problems with our BT Gigabit interconnects between Telehouse and Telecity Hex and and this was traced to a faulty Gbic which was replaced in the early hours of Thursday morning 20th Nov. We then reconnected to the LINX Juniper as this may have been the problem all along. Further investigation revealed that we also had an issue with a faulty (occasionally re-booting) NTE at the Aspen House end of our Virgin circuit to TeleHouse which has since been replaced by Virgin. As of early Thursday 20th all issues were resolved and back to normal.

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