MessageScreen with anti-spam and anti-virus now available

27/02/2004 – MessageScreen with anti-spam and anti-virus now available

Datanet is pleased to announce that the new and improved MessageScreen service is now ready for launch, within the next few days a new anti-spam functionality will be added free of charge to our existing anti-virus service.

Email has revolutionised the way we do business however, with the problem of spam ever increasing; controlling it can become a real headache. Often these spam emails contain adult material (especially pornography), which are unsuitable in the workplace. At worst the content can be illegal and at best offensive.

With MessageScreen from Datanet, we hope to help reduce the risk of harmful effects from using the Internet, and make email the real tool for business, which it can be. MessageScreen sits at the Internet level, and identifies malicious, unwanted, and offensive emails and stops them entering your inbox, freeing up bandwidth for real business communications and protecting you, your staff, and your systems from the adverse aspects of Internet use.

Once your email account has been set up for use with MessageScreen, all your inbound and out bound emails will be scanned for viruses. If any viruses are found, the system will capture them and they will be immediately held in quarantine, therefore you will not receive an infected email. You will however receive a warning message telling you that someone had attempted to send you a virus. This works in rather the same way as the previous VirusScreen service.

Spam including pornographic emails, will also be detected by the MessageScreen product. The spam blocker system flags up spam by scoring different elements of the email such as content, subject title, font size etc with the likely hood of it being spam, the more elements that are picked up the higher the spam rating. You will see that each spam message will have a title, which clearly identifies the message as spam. This new system allows you to set up rules in your email software or mail server to place these messages in a separate folder therefore freeing up your Inbox.

As spam is much harder to determine than an email bourn virus, it is extremely important that you continue to monitor your spam folder, as there is a chance of a ‘good’ email being flagged up as spam. As the system continues to be trained the likelihood of ‘good’ emails being flagged as spam will reduce. There is also the argument that an email of interest to one person would be another persons ‘spam’.

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