Leased Lines: The Low Cost Business Solution

Leased lines (also known as private circuits) are the perfect low cost solution for businesses that require constant fixed bandwidth connectivity to other office locations or a dedicated, secure internet connection. Ideal for those who use the internet heavily (and many modern businesses do), leased lines are a way of achieving fast speeds with the benefit of assured levels of quality.

A high level of service with vastly reduced lag and jittering is provided with a leased line – regardless of how much data you transfer. Private circuits can be used to transfer data, images or videos; the high speed data throughput provides reliable connection and data transfer speeds at all times.

leased linesHigh Speed Data Transfer Through Leased Lines

Because leased lines are completely private, they are unaffected by the activity of others as they receive dedicated bandwidth. There is a fixed charge for private circuits, so regardless how much data you use the price is always the same, allowing you to budget accurately.

Leased lines are ideal for connecting branched offices as they operate on a closed, secure network circuit rather than traditional services that use the same line. High speed connections of up to 1Gig are available to meet all your business demands.

A Wide Range of Business Class Solutions

Here at Datanet we offer a wide range of networking services to cater for the high data demand of organisations. Our secure and resilient connections link your offices to our London data centres and direct to the UK internet backbone. We are dedicated to providing a business class service to all of our clients, from our rack hosting to leased lines to our award winning customer service.

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