Keep Data Secure with Reliable Web Hosting from Datanet

The amount of information stored electronically is huge. It seems that everything we do is recorded somewhere electronically, whether it’s purchasing something online or just registering on websites.  This will continue to grow year on year as more information is shared via the Internet.  But how secure is your personal and customer data? Have you covered all the steps possible to avoid a breach of data protection?  It’s scary to think that yours and your customers’ information could be public knowledge if it’s not protected in the right way.

Secure and Efficient Web Hosting

secure dataAt Datanet we recognise the importance of securing data and have implemented an Information Security Management System which has been accredited and audited by BSI to maintain our ISO27001 certification. This international standard ensures that Datanet have robust management processes in place which take into account confidentiality, integrity and availability of data. We understand how vital security is when it comes to web hosting.

Our complete London Data Centre, web hosting facility and offices are in scope for our ISO27001 certification, ensuring that full security controls are protecting both personal and customer data.  Datanet run a stringent security program with strategic business continuity and disaster recovery controls in place.  Through our internal and external audits and risk assessments we achieve continuous improvement of these controls and are able to mitigate against potential threats.

Web Hosting Packages for Every Requirement

Can you afford not to secure your information with Datanet? As a reliable London data centre we take our commitments very seriously and pride ourselves on our well established reputation and offering of services. We offer a variety of web hosting packages including business hosting services and dedicated managed hosting.

So if you’re looking for reliable web hosting, choose Datanet for all your business requirements. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like more information about our company or services.




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