The Internet of Things (IoT) & the growth of big data


The Internet of Things (IoT)– It’s not really a new terminology and basically means that, with the introduction of IPv6 (the most recent version of the Internet Protocol), there will be enough IP addresses for all physical objects to have an IP address (devices, vehicles, buildings, you name it and it could have an IP address…. even your toaster, which could sell itself on Ebay if you don’t use it!). Once all these objects are embedded with electronics, software sensors and network connectivity they will be able to collect and exchange data between one another, thus gathering vast quantities of data about user and consumer preferences.  The amount of data that will be produced is mind boggling!!

Imagine what a business could do with all this data?  By leveraging all the data that can be collected, businesses could have a closer relationship with their products and customers; deepen customer relations and enrich support levels. So, to keep one step ahead in the game and of the competition, businesses are embracing the Internet of Things to gather this precious data.  But, once collected, this data needs to be amassed in a storage system and has led to many companies rethinking their storage infrastructure.

As on-premise legacy systems are not coping with the ever increasing volumes of data many businesses are turning to the cloud to deliver on these big data storage requirements

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