Scalability, Resiliency, Performance – Nutanix bringing it all together

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Get your Nutanix hosted at Datanet in our UK secure, modern, accommodating and helpful M3 data centre

Why choose Nutanix on Fujitsu Primergy (HCI hyperconverged infrastructure)

  • Integrated an optimised compute, storage, hypervisor, network and security
  • Removes inefficient hardware silos and the inherent complexity therein
  • Nutanix, founded by Google engineers and architects who wanted to bring their proven designs of IT simplicity, Performance and Scaling to Private Data Centres (like Datanet)
  • There is no SAN, storage is all on board and that makes it faster and more reliable
  • Application specific performance managed by Nutanix software, ensuring for example the SQL database gets the lion’s share of the SSD storage
  • Ideal for Public Cloud, Private Cloud and Hybrid Cloud
  • Includes AHV (Acropolis HyperVisor) or choose VMware ESXI
  • Scale easily, add compute, storage and networking with pre-designed hardware
  • Fully integrated self-service capability

Nutanix provides the trinity of:







* Nutanix Enterprise Cloud on Fujitsu Primergy (infographic) … read the pdf
* Nutanix Software Defined Data Centre … read the pdf
* Nutanix Enterprise Cloud on Fujitsu Primergy M2 (infographic) … read the pdf

Why choose Datanet to host and look after your Nutanix

  • Engineers on site to support your Nutanix deployment
  • Secure racks in our M3 data centre
  • CoLocation space from as little as £59 per month
  • Backups in our UK data centre from 7p a GB (as little as £70 per TB)
  • Extend your office LAN out to the data centre with Gigabit connection from as little as £499 pm (subject to location and survey)
  • CoLocation space complemented by desk space, work space, BC/DR space and meeting rooms
  • Include a FortiGate 100F enterprise class next generation firewall for maximum protection
  • This powerful 20Gb Firewall has 700Mb threat protection throughput thanks to the RISC based CPU and Fortinet’s proprietary Security Processing Unit (SPU)
  • Read the full FortiGate 100F datasheet here and the Gartner Magic Quadrant report here

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