Important Changes to your Surftime Account

02/02/2005 – Important Changes to your Surftime Evenings and Weekends Account

We wish to advise you of some important changes to your SurfTime Evenings and Weekends Internet access account from Datanet and BT.

As you may be aware, SurfTime is a billing agreement with BT to provide a flat-rate billed service for your Internet access using an 0844 number. We have been advised by BT that they are changing the operating hours for SurfTime Evenings and Weekends from the current 6pm-8am Monday to Friday to 6pm-6am Monday to Friday, there are no changes to the weekend rate. This change will be effective from 16 February 2005 and will mean that you will be unable to connect to the Internet using your 0844 dial-up number between 6am and 6pm, instead you will need to use the 0845 6075721(daytime) number to connect and you will, as usual, be billed for this call by BT on your phone bill at the LoCall rate. The current BT charge that appears on your phone bill of 7.00 incl VAT for your SurfTime Evenings and Weekend billing agreement remains unchanged at present.

We would like to take this opportunity to offer you a Datanet BroadBand ADSL service instead of your SurfTime account. Broadband from Datanet has become much more competitively priced and may now be a more attractive offering, if you are in a BroadBand enabled area with a BT phone, you can have fast ADSL all day long from as little as 23.00+VAT per month for a minimum three month contract. More information is available at

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