How much is your data worth to your business?

17/05/2006 – How much is your data worth to your business?

Have you ever thought how much your whole business is reliant on your data? And what you would do if that vital data, or the applications you rely on every day, were to suddenly be lost?

According to a recent article in Computing magazine, 70 percent of businesses suffer systems downtime each year at an average cost of £52,000 per hour and 90 percent of disasters are caused by failures in IT systems. To alleviate this problem Datanet recommends that all businesses adopt some form of server hosting and back-up facility, enabling you to retrieve your valuable data quickly and easily, should a disaster occur.

Our offsite back-up combined with our server hosting can help save you time and money, as well as offering you peace of mind.

How our offsite back-up works:
Through a password protected, secure portal you have complete control over what files get backed-up and when. The back-up process is over your Internet connection, the data itself travels on Datanet’s private network over 100Mb links, ensuring maximum security whilst providing flexibility.After each back-up you will then receive a full status report by email. To restore your back-up data you just need to have a browser allowing you to have control anywhere, anytime.

Offsite back-up features:

  • Customer facing portal that is simple and easy to operate
  • Fully automated service
  • Fixed monthly cost for double the data storage
  • Award winning technical support
  • Data is encrypted before it is sent offsite
  • Choice of different encryption techniques, e.g. Twofish,Triple DES
  • Secure encrypted key communication between server and you
  • Easy upgrades to additional storage

If you are interested in finding out more on our hosting solutions and offsite back-up service please contact your IP Solutions Consultant or email

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