Datanet: Protecting the data in your rack

One of the most important assets in businesses today is your DATA and your IT department is facing an array of security threats including cyber attacks. Together with our security and network partners we can provide your rack with a range of security services to protect your data from cyber attacks, all available from a menu of optional extras.

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Security services available with your Datanet rack.

Pen testing –Datanet can perform penetration testing using proprietary software and ethical hacking methods to find vulnerabilities that a cyber attacker could exploit and then outline a methodology to ensure that those vulnerabilities are protected.

Threat Assessment – Datanet can perform a full threat assessment and advise on any action required to protect your business against such threats.

DDoS mitigation – Using a set of tools Datanet can mitigate the impact of distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks on your network and protect the data and services in your rack.

LaaS ( Lab as a Service) Setting up a proof of concept lab to test for performance under simulated conditions and checking security of software and hardware before releasing beyond your domain.

Managed Security – Datanet will take care of all your security needs protecting the data in your rack and protect your business from cyber attacks.

Security Assessment- To ensure that all the necessary security controls are in place and integrated in your I.T. infrastructure  Datanet will highlight any security gaps identified in the assessment and recommend strategies to address those security issues

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