Offsite Backup Options

Offsite Back-up Features:

  • Client facing portal that is simple to operate
  • Fully automated service
  • Award winning technical support
  • Data is backed-up securely to the Telehouse datacentre
  • Data is encrypted before it is sent offsite
  • Choice of different encryption techniques, e.g. Twofish, Triple DES, Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)
  • Secure encrypted key communication between your server and you
  • Easy upgrades to additional storage

Offsite Backup

Datanet’s innovative self-service backup option gives you the ability to secure your business critical data. Using our client portal, you have complete control over the initial set-up and ongoing service, allowing you to decide what data you want backed up, when, and how often. You can go into your account and adjust it as often as you need to without having to ask us, allowing you to respond quickly to your changing business needs.

In addition to offering high quality dedicated server hosting and co-location facilities in our state of the art datacentres, we also offer you the option of backing up your hosted servers to a second secure location.

Providing offsite hosting of both servers and applications offers your business increased peace of mind and still allows you to maintain personal control over the back-ups and management. One of the special services offered by Datanet to clients who take hosted and co-located servers, is the option to personally manage back-ups of their data. You control the back-up process over your Internet connection.

For a free trial of our offsite back-up facility, and further information about implementing the service, please visit our dedicated website here

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