GPU mining rigs versus ASIC mining rigs

Which cryptocurrency mining rig do you choose?

So, you’ve decided that cryptocurrency mining is the way to go but now you are thinking which is the best rig to invest in. Here is a short list of the pros and cons between ASIC miners and GPU miners – the list isn’t exhaustive and we would love some comments from your own personal experiences to add to our list of pros and cons.


ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) Miners:

S9 Antminer


  1. By definition an ASIC miner is designed to do one job really well but that does limit what else it can do.
  2. ASIC miners have a very high hash rate for a specific coin so are more powerful and efficient at mining their specific coin.
  3. ASIC miners are more compact so they don’t take up so much space.
  4. Costs are less so there is less of a barrier to entry although as they are largely coming from one supplier in China demand is outstripping supply and there is a three month lead time.
  5. Due to the demand and (lack of) availability they command a very high second hand price, sometimes double the original cost.
  6. The setup is easier for non-technical people and they are largely quite reliable.


  1. There are only a few manufacturers of ASIC rigs. You may be waiting several months for the manufacturer to have rigs in stock and they are usually made in and shipped from China.
  2. They will be algorithm specific so you are putting all your eggs in one basket on the specific ASIC that you choose. Also, if there is a change in the hashing algorithm the ASIC miner could become obsolete.
  3. As they are specific to cryptocurrency mining, there is no value in the rig if the cryptocurrency in no longer around, although per above, they do currently have a very high resale value due to demand.
  4. Although quite reliable, any warranty claims require the unit to be returned to the manufacturer in China and the (relatively short) warranty only applies to the original purchaser.
  5. ASIC miners are very noisy and consume a lot of power e.g. 1.4kW, the same as a small electric fire.

GPU (Graphic Processing Unit) Miners:

GPU mining rig hosted at Datanet


  1. The GPU rigs are flexible and can mine for a wide range of currencies (though only certain algorithms)
  2. Although the GPU rigs make more noise than a normal computer, they aren’t as noisy as the ASIC rigs though they also consume a lot of power.
  3. All the component parts in the GPU rig can be put to other uses and will therefore maintain some value and can be sold off if you no longer want to use them as a mining rig, for example the most expensive parts, the GPU’s, are widely used by the Gaming and Rendering industries.


  1. The GPU rigs take up more space than the ASIC miners.
  2. The GPU rigs are not as powerful or overall as efficient as an ASIC miner and therefore cannot compete against an ASIC for its specific coin.
  3. The graphics cards needed to set up the rig can be difficult to source in good quantities. In fact, some suppliers say that they won’t supply graphic cards if you are intending to use them for mining and will limit the purchase to only one or two graphics cards at a time.
  4. Some technical expertise is required to set up the GPU rig.
  5. GPU rigs require some thought to the air flow design to ensure they are cooled properly e.g. our rigs have additional fans at the front and back of the cases to ensure effective airflow


General Comments

Not having to buy from China is a big advantage for the GPU miners though the GPU’s are expensive and you do need to keep them well cooled or they will die young and you may fall foul of the manufacturer’s warranty terms so they are best hosted in a properly maintained and cooled data centre.

Here at Datanet we can source and build the rigs you need and we can host them here in our Data Centre for a very competitive and all-inclusive hosting fee, we can even include the initial hosting fee in the build cost.

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