Global Data Centre Report by CBRE

CBRE, The World’s Leading Full Service Data Centre Services Partner prepared the following global data centre report and has kindly allowed Datanet to reproduce it here. If you are interested in a short illustrative report of the state of the data centre industry across the world, please click on the image below and have a listen

Key Take Aways

  • Big Data and Edge Computing are fuelling the growth of Data Centres around the world
  • Demand in UK and EMEA driven by the Cloud HyperScalers (AWS, Azure, GCP)
  • Variations in data sovereignty (GDPR) leading to requirements for national data centres
  • Growth is being experienced in all markets across the globe
  • Pension funds investing in the largest data centre operators
  • Datanet have a selection of videos explaining the benefits and differences between Public Cloud, Private Cloud and Hybrid Cloud and which is more suitable for your business, have a look here Datanet Videos explaining cloud

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