Europe Data Centre Report by CBRE

FLAP Market take-up 200MW – a new European record

FLAP = Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam & Paris

CBRE, The World’s Leading Full Service Data Centre Services Partner prepared the following Europe data centre report, all credits to CBRE

CBRE Data Centre Report

  • A record 201MW of take-up across the four FLAP markets
  • 24% Market growth in 2019
  • Record level of new supply brings challenges for future development
  • Cloud responsible for 79% of take-up in the year
  • Market absorption and vacancy rates end the year at a high
  • Big Data and Edge Computing are fuelling the growth of Data Centres around the world
  • Demand in UK and EMEA driven by the Cloud HyperScalers (AWS, Azure, GCP)
  • Variations in data sovereignty (GDPR) leading to requirements for national data centres

Click on the CBRE logo to see the full report in pdf


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