Don’t forget to change your settings

15/10/2007 – Don’t forget to change your settings

Further to our separate email sent to you on Thursday 4th October, we would like to remind you of the new DNS settings. If you have not yet amended them please consult your technical support team.

This new server should be configured as a secondary DNS, the existing secondary DNS may be used as a tertiary DNS server if your system supports this.

The new DNS settings should be as follows:-

  • Primary:
  • Secondary:
  • Tertiary:

For private users wishing to benefit from the extra resilience, please follow the link to the instructions below. Don’t worry if you don’t get round to changing these settings, your service will continue as normal on the old settings.

If your PC is part of a company network, please contact your company’s IT manager or your IT Company before making any changes to your domain settings.

Instructions for changing the DNS can be found here. If you have any queries, please email

Call our team today on 01252 810010 to find out more about how we can help you