The Difference Between Co Location and Managed Server Hosting

Is co location or managed server hosting better for your business? That depends on your individual requirements, and this blog will look at the difference between the two and which is more suitable for different businesses.

Co location allows you to house your own servers in a data centre’s facilities, meaning you can benefit from their resilience, security and equipment such as generators and air conditioning.

Managed server hosting, on the other hand, is where the data centre owns the servers your website and data is hosted on. This means that they will take care of maintenance and updates on your behalf such as patching and performance monitoring.

So Is UK Co Location or Managed Server Hosting More Suitable for You?

UK co location or managed server hostingUK co location is often the more cost effective solution for businesses; however you must maintain your own servers remotely and ensure you have the resources and means to do so. This solution is ideal for businesses that regularly update their website or need regular access to their servers. With Datanet co location, we provide remote on-hands support for those instances where you need someone present – making server maintenance and upkeep easier.

If you want to completely outsource the burden of looking after a server, managed server hosting is the solution for you. With this option Datanet will take care of everything, and you’ll get all the benefits of our data centre tiers including constant access to your data and 99.999% uptime.

Reliable Hosting from Our Tier 3+ Data centre

Whichever hosting solution you choose, you can be assured that Datanet are the longest serving UK co location provider with an award winning service that is ISO accredited. If you would like any more information regarding UK co location or managed server hosting please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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