How Dedicated Server Hosting Can Boost Your Online Business

If you run a business online you want to make money, it’s as simple as that. So you might wonder why you should pay for dedicated server hosting when you can manage it yourself. Consider this, though: are your servers fully managed and maintained? Do you have the proper security in place? Do your servers provide the speed and reliability that your website needs to thrive? Do you have the latest state of the art equipment?

If you answered no to any of those questions, that’s the reason you need to pay for dedicated server hosting. Dedicated server hosting, or managed rack hosting as it’s known if you have more than one server, provides all the above benefits and much more for one simple payment per month, freeing up your IT resources and staff for other work.

Managed Rack Hosting Improves Bandwidth and Website Speed

Consumers want everything to be available instantly and if your website has a delay of more than one or two seconds you’re going to lose visitors. This is especially true for e commerce websites; you need a fast, responsive website that loads pretty much dedicated server hostinginstantly or your customers will go shopping elsewhere. Users want a smooth browsing experience and that’s exactly what dedicated server hosting provides.

If you host your own servers and have a power outage, what are you going to do? Most likely fret about lost business – but with dedicated server hosting that’s not a problem. With off-site back up generators and a maximum security storage facility to back up your vital data in the event of an emergency, managed rack hosting doesn’t just provide speed – it provides security for your business too. Dedicated server hosting from Datanet will equip your business with high power connections to the internet and provides 99.999% uptime and reliability for complete business reassurance and continuity. You also get the added peace of mind that all the maintenance and hardware is taken care of – and there’s no added expense of buying your own servers.

For those that want to manage their own servers and simply take advantage of the outstanding capabilities of a tier 3+ data centre, colocation hosting is a better solution. This allows you to house your own servers in a rack at Datanet and enjoy all the above benefits while having complete control over your servers.

Do More with Colocation Hosting!

Managed and colocation hosting solutions are ideal for businesses that want to improve their internet security and speed – resulting in a more efficient experience for users and the ability to do more with your website without worrying about bandwidth.

Datanet is one of the longest serving providers of managed and colocation hosting in the UK and our purpose built tier 3+ data centre offers the highest standard of hosting to London and the surrounding areas without being affected by congestion or multi fibre link backs. We are the ideal choice for businesses looking for reliable colocation or fully managed rack hosting, so why not give our Solutions team a call today on 0845 130 6010 and see how we can help you.

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