Datum Data Centres

Working with a focus on managed data centres, Datum was established in 2012 with an interest in finance, insurance, security and defence industries. The company is run by four Directors, the Managing Director being Dominic Phillips. With a flagship data centre located within the Cody Technology Park in Farnborough, Datum offers capacity for over 1,000 colocation racks. The positioning of this main data centre is easily accessed from London via both the M3 and train services.

The co-location options which are offered by Datum range in scale from a single rack to dedicated caged environments or custom designed suites. Datum originated in the Service Provider world as the sister company of a Managed Service Provider and still runs with a service focus with Service Managers overseeing the provision of services for clients, and a concierge service offered within the data centre. The building is a high-secure facility externally and internally is a controlled and regulated environment to reduce risk of malicious or accidental activity.

Further services offered by Datum alongside their co-location provision are engineering services, hardware maintenance, connectivity services and workplace recovery. Service level agreements are flexible and 24 hour on call service delivery managers are available.

 To benefit from a wide focus of hosting and co-location solutions, consider the expertise of Datanet who have been established for over 20 years offering services in bespoke and hybrid connectivity and Cloud solutions.

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