Datanet is a UK.Gov G-Cloud supplier

G-cloud supplier

Datanet is a G-Cloud supplier. The G-Cloud framework is a Government initiative set up to facilitate the procurement of cloud based services from a wider variety of accredited UK business.

As part of the G-Cloud programme, an online marketplace called Digital Marketplace has been created through which government bodies can procure services covered by the G-Cloud framework.

Many central government departments are now moving their legacy applications to the cloud and are using the Digital Marketplace to secure their new services. Following a stringent application, Datanet is now an approved supplier in the Digital Marketplace, and is listed in the online directory. Under the G-Cloud framework section, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Datanet is offering its Backup & Recovery solution which incorporates the security, resilience and compliance demanded by the government and we are looking forward to working with more public-sector bodies going forward.

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