Datanet Goes Green

Datanet greenSSE efficiency cert

Datanet is proud to announce that it has entered into an agreement with SSE (Scottish and Southern Energy) to ensure that 100% of the energy we consume is derived from natural resources. SSE are the UK’s leader in generating electricity from renewable resources, owning and operating around 40% of the total available renewable generation capacity.

Sourcing renewable energy from newly refurbished hydro electric power stations – a project which SSE invested £350 million in to – wind farms and biomass energy. The UK has a target that 15% of its electricity must be generated from renewable resources by 2015, and SSE’s commitment to supplying green energy is essential to reaching this goal.

Additionally, Datanet is committed to becoming as energy efficient as possible; our agreement with SSE is just another demonstration of Datanet’s commitment to ensure our operation remains as environmentally friendly as possible and as efficient as today’s technology allows. We also use recycled materials and are continuously working to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible. Operating on 100% renewable energy is a huge achievement, and our services continue to remain as fast, reliable and efficient as ever – so you can enjoy the highest quality hosting, guilt free.We are pleased to be green!

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