DATANET.CO.UK cut prices for DSL connections

17/11/2005 – DATANET.CO.UK cut prices for DSL connections

Datanet are delighted to announce exciting news for our DSL customers. From January 1st 2006, Datanets broadband connections are coming down in price*. As demand for high-quality, business class broadband increases, Datanet is offering you the chance to increase your capacity and number of connections at very special prices.

Standard ADSL Connections

To reflect our business focus, our high-quality Home 50:1 contended connections are being re-branded as Standard ADSL. To simplify the offering for all our customers, our 50:1 connections will now be offered at up to 2Mb, giving you the chance to take the maximum your line will allow at a vastly reduced price.

The cost of the new Standard ADSL 2000 is coming down to £28 per month

If you have an existing 0.5Mb or 1Mb connection, you will continue to receive these services, for which you will get a 5 discount on our new price of 28*

  • Business ADSL Connections
  • Our Business 20:1 connections are also coming down in price as follows:
  • Business ADSL 500 is now 30 per month
  • Business ADSL 1000 is now 45 per month
  • Business ADSL 2000 is now 60 per month

Activation fees are also being reduced from 50 to 40 for any new ADSL connection.

Enterprise SDSL Connections

In response to the increasing demand for SDSL lines, our activation price for this service has been slashed to 399. Line rentals are as follows:

  • Enterprise SDSL 500S is now 139 per month
  • Enterprise SDSL 1000S is now 199 per month
  • Enterprise SDSL 2000S is now 259 per month

Our new prices for existing connections will be available from January 1st 2006. However, they are also currently available for new connections, for details please contact our IP Solutions Consultants on 0845 130 6010 Whether it is the growth of your business, or in your personnel, now is a great time to get an extra Datanet connection for your office.

If you would like to upgrade your existing connections at the lower price, please contact our Operations Team on 0845 130 6010 or email Upgrade availability is subject to line testing. We will offer you the maximum capacity your line will take up to 2Mb.

*Our new prices are subject to adoption of our new direct debit scheme and agreement to receive invoices by email. Our Accounts department will be contacting you in the coming weeks with more information on adopting this scheme to ensure you are ready to take advantage of the price reduction as soon as it becomes available from January.

Call our team today on 01252 810010 to find out more about how we can help you