Datanet adds new hostlink to its broadband network

20/03/2007 – Datanet adds new hostlink to its broadband network

In order to retain and build on our position as an award winning Business Class Internet provider, Datanet is adding a new hostlink to its broadband network. The work is currently underway and will be completed by mid-late April this year. The addition of Datanet’s new hostlink is the latest part of our ongoing programme to improve the infrastructure, in line with the company’s growth and increased competition.

We also have further plans to help us monitor and control our network, whilst still allowing business users an uncapped and unlimited service. Our changes will ensure priority bandwidth during the business day is always given to traffic such as the running of business applications, email, web browsing etc, rather than consumer traffic such as peer-to-peer applications. Bandwidth use is monitored to ensure activity from our domestic customers does not adversely affect our business customers.

Customers with multiple VPN’s (offices and home) will also benefit from upcoming changes since we will also be able to assign businesses the same hostlink, eliminating the small delay that sometimes occurs when they land at different points on our network and end up using the VPN’s across our different hostlinks.

Datanet’s Managing Director, Conleth McCallan commented “Datanet is continuously looking into ways of improving its infrastructure in order to provide the highest possible service to our business customers. One of the ways we are doing this is by adding a further hostlink to speed up the flow of Internet traffic across the network. It’s a welcome addition that we believe our customers will benefit from.”

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