DataDSL Home 1000 now available

29/09/2003 – DataDSL Home 1000 now available

BT has recently been testing a new 1MB home user ADSL service. BT will start the offical trail on the 6th October 2003, orders can be taken now to ensure you will be one of the first to receive the service. The DataDSl Home 1000 will be an upgrade path from the 512k home product and will have a 50:1 contention ratio.

  • Upgrade from DataDSL Home 500 59
  • Or connection fee 59
  • DataDSL 1MB Until Jan 2004  28 p/m
  • DataDSL 1MB After Jan 2004  35 p/m

Other than that, everything else is the same as the other DataDSL services. The DataDSL Home 1000 is not rate adaptive, so not everyone on a DataDSL Home 500 will be able to upgrade.

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