Could Leased Lines or Private Circuits Benefit Your Business?

A leased line solution is a permanent connection between two locations (or more) or a permanent connection to the internet. Both are dedicated and private circuits which can carry data and telecommunications traffic, ideal for communicating securely between long distance branches of your business. Provisioned over high speed optical fibre these circuits are offered with high service levels agreements vastly superior to other technologies due to the guarantee of high availability – users can be sure that they are receiving the highest quality and highest bandwidth connection available.

Leased Lines and Private Circuits Support Heavy Internet Usage

leased lines explainedA leased line solution is best applied when sharing bandwidth hungry applications between different locations, either as a point to point/multi point solution or a managed Internet solution. Both types are ideal for companies that need to share large amounts of data between different locations as the quality of the connection is always guaranteed. They are also very cost effective for businesses that use the internet heavily – which is most companies nowadays!

A less expensive alternative to a point to point/multipoint leased line solution is a VPN (Virtual Private Network) solution provided over technology such as FTTC (Fibre To The Cabinet) or ADSL2+, which may offer more value for money depending on your requirements. The sole purpose of VPNs is security – they are used to encrypt and secure data communications passing between locations connected via the internet. Depending on the size of your premises and distance between them, VPNs may be more useful to you.

High Quality Service from Datanet

Whether you are looking for leased lines or decide to opt for a VPN solution, Datanet can help. With high speed connections of up to 10Gig and fixed charges regardless of how much you use, Datanet are the perfect choice for businesses looking for leased lines. With a 17 year pedigree in providing business solutions, numerous awards and nominations behind us and a widespread reputation for quality and reliable services – which is reflected in our ISO 9001 &27001 certifications – we provide trusted hosting and connectivity to suit business requirements.

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