Co-location works for Long-Term Scalability

co-location_scalabilityOutsourcing is increasingly becoming a mainstream activity for businesses today. From marketing, customer services to I.T services. If an organisation gets the right solution strategic outsourcing can save time, money and resources.  In this article we are specifically looking at the outsource of I.T. services and how co-location as part of your I.T strategy can offer your businesses significant savings and powerful protection.

A co-location service offers a variety of benefits ranging from high level security to disaster recovery.  Businesses today are faced with ever increasing data volumes and the growing demand on their I.T infrastructure that this data is generating. To cope with the impact of this growth, businesses need the agility and flexibility to scale up efficiently without significant overhead cost. Co-location allows you this flexibility to upscale whilst also the facility to decrease the level of onsite I.T equipment and space needed.

Reasons to choose co-location

  • Scalability: Once you have a co-location strategy in place the scalability of space, security and Internet access is available to you with minimal hassle.
  • Security: Businesses large and small need to protect their most important asset – their data. Security breaches are becoming a threat faced by many modern organisations and business owners are taking measures to ensure that their organisation is sufficiently protected from such attacks. Co-location services house data in secure, offsite data centres ensuring that the data is safe. Physical security extends to the use of air conditioning to keep the temperature and humidity at appropriate levels, as well as redundant power ensuring that the data is always available.  Many data centres also offer a backup service and can be part of your business continuity plan
  • Reliability: Any downtime that an organisation suffers (caused by a power outage, natural disaster or equipment failure) can have a negative impact on profit and also the overall reputation of the business. A data centre has redundancies onsite such as a UPS system and generators ensuring that services will not be affected by a power outage.

By incorporating a co-location model into an I.T strategy allows businesses to transition easily as they acquire new equipment, increase their need for power, cooling, bandwidth and security.  A tier 3+ data centre gives a business peace of mind that their equipment is in a safe and secure environment and onsite expert engineers can serve as an extension of your I.T department. A business can be safe in the knowledge that, due to the resilience built into a data centre, their data and applications will always be available.

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