Cloud Infrastructure, why HCI?

Virtualisation has come along way in the last ten years, we are now very familiar with VMware, Hyper-V, KVM and others, all designed to leverage and maximise the underlying hardware. However, with this success comes a management headache. Once upon a time, if you needed a new server you had to justify the spend, agree a budget, pleace an order, wait two weeks, unpack your new server, stick an asset label on it, rack it, load an OS and some apps and away you went. Not anymore, with VM’s you click a few buttons and your news server is ready to go. Now the problem with that is server creep and before you know it you have baby virtual servers all over the place:

Fujitsu optimised Nutanix: Integrated compute, storage, virtualisation, network and security. All wrapped up and presented as unified cloud built by Fujitsu in Germany.

Get your Nutanix hosted here in the UK in our secure, modern, accommodating and helpful M3 data centre

85% of Enterprises rank Hybrid Cloud as their #1 IT model, read the Nutanix Report here

orange=85%, purple=73%, gold=60%

Enterprises continue to rank hybrid cloud as the “ideal” IT operating model. About 85% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed with the statement that “hybrid cloud is the ideal IT model for my organisation.”

Among the reasons indicated are having the flexibility to match the right cloud to each application and use case (cited by 62% as a primary benefit of hybrid cloud) and perceived high levels of security associated with this model (see finding #4).

Hybrid remains far and away the top contender as the ideal model. More than two-thirds (69%) of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that while their organisations would benefit from a hybrid cloud, their current IT vendors didn’t provide the right solutions for building and managing a hybrid environment. [Datanet do…]

Some apps are migrating away from the public cloud back to on-premises infrastructures. Nearly three quarters (73%) of respondents reported that they are moving some applications off the public cloud and back on prem, and 22% of those users are moving five or more applications.

These moves underscore, in part, enterprises need for hybrid cloud’s flexibility in allowing them to
adapt their infrastructures based on a number of variables—including cost, performance, and security/compliance—that can change over time.

Security is the biggest factor impacting enterprises future cloud strategies. Well over half of
2019 respondents (60%) said that the state of intercloud security would have the biggest influence
on their cloud deployment plans going forward. Similarly, data security and compliance represented the top variable in determining where an enterprise runs a given workload (26%), followed by cost, which placed a distant second with 14% of respondents citing it as the top factor.

IT professionals deem the hybrid cloud to be the most secure of all the IT operating models. More than a quarter of respondents (28%) picked the hybrid model as the most secure—substantially surpassing those who chose a fully private cloud/on-prem model and more than twice as many as those who chose traditional (non-cloud-enabled) private datacenters (Figure 2).

Get your Nutanix hosted here in the UK in our secure, modern, accommodating and helpful M3 data centre

Why choose Nutanix on Fujitsu Primergy (HCI hyperconverged infrastructure)

  • Integrated and optimised compute, storage, hypervisor, network and security
  • Removes inefficient hardware silos and the inherent complexity therein
  • Nutanix, founded by Google engineers and architects who wanted to bring their proven designs of IT simplicity, Performance and Scaling to Private Data Centres (like Datanet)
  • There is no SAN, storage is all on board and that makes it faster and more reliable because software manages availability
  • Application specific performance managed by Nutanix software, ensuring for example the SQL database gets the lion’s share of the SSD storage
  • Ideal for Public Cloud, Private Cloud and Hybrid Cloud
  • Includes AHV (Acropolis HyperVisor) or choose VMware ESXi
  • Scale easily, add compute, storage and networking with pre-designed hardware
  • Fully integrated self-service capability
  • Nutanix Enterprise Cloud on Fujitsu Primergy (infographic) … read the pdf
  • Nutanix Software Defined Data Centre … read the pdf
  • Nutanix Enterprise Cloud on Fujitsu Primergy M2 (infographic) … read the pdf
  • Why choose Datanet to host and look after your Nutanix

  • Engineers on site to support your Nutanix deployment
  • Secure racks in our M3 data centre
  • CoLocation space from as little as £59 per month
  • Backups in our UK data centre from 7p a GB (as little as £70 per TB)
  • Extend your office LAN out to the data centre with Gigabit connection from as little as £499 pm (subjet to location and survey)
  • CoLocation space complemented by desk space, work space, BC/DR space and meeting rooms
  • Include a FortiGate 100F enterprise class next generation firewall for maximum protection
  • This powerful 20Gb Firewall has 700Mb threat protection throughput thanks to the RISC based CPU and Fortinet’s proprietary Security Processing Unit (SPU)
  • Read the full FortiGate 100F datasheet here and the Gartner Magic Quadrant report here
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