4 Steps to Cloud Heaven

4 Steps to Cloud Heaven

As more businesses migrate to private cloud, with 73% of organisations moving their applications back from public cloud to an on-prem or local data centre infrastructure, you might be asking yourself: How exactly can I build my own private cloud? And how complex or easy is it, this article, 4 Steps to Cloud Heaven will help:

Our answer to both? It can happen in just 4 simple steps. Check out our quick, step-by-step video to learn how to build your own complete private cloud in just a few hours and make your journey to hybrid simple.

From day 1 to day 1,000 and beyond, your private cloud infrastructure is a powerful, secure backbone. Here’s a breakdown of what your first few days look like:

Day 1: We set up your Nutanix clusters at Datanet as the foundation of your private cloud infrastructure.

Day 2: Working together we set up your applications, provision VMs, and create storage containers.

Day 3: We create application blueprints, publish them in a marketplace and make available for self-service provisioning via ServiceNow integration.

Day 4+: We help you manage your infrastructure in just a few clicks.

Your Next 4 Steps to Cloud Heaven
While private cloud migration has become the norm for many businesses, transformation demands more. That’s why 85% of IT decision-makers say hybrid cloud is their preferred cloud computing model.

Watch the video to find out why hybrid cloud will see the most growth in the next 5 years:

4 Steps to Cloud Heaven

Get your Nutanix Hosting at Datanet

To learn more about why Nutanix is the private cloud of choice join Datanet at the .NEXT event

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· Hear from industry experts on which organisations are winning and losing and why.
· Which industries face peril and how the best within them are growing like never before.
· Understand the Nutanix vision and roadmap that provides a path to delivering digital transformation.
· Hear from customers who’ve climbed the mountain and are now reaping the benefits
· See the technology itself – no promises on charts, just the software shown live
· Enjoy a great day, with guest speakers, and a plethora of unique experiences
So, if 2020 brings renewed questions on how to deliver a real digital strategy, then join us at .NEXT on Tour. Who knows, you may even have some fun as well!

Get your Nutanix Hosting at Datanet in our UK secure, modern, accommodating and helpful M3 data centre

Why choose Datanet to host and look after your Nutanix

  • Engineers on site to support your Nutanix Hosting
  • Nutanix Hosting in private dedicated rack space in our M3 data centre
  • We specialise in Nutanix HyperConverged Infrastructure
  • Backups across our UK data centres from 5p a GB (as little as £50 per TB)
  • Extend your office LAN out to the data centre with Gigabit connection from as little as £499 pm (subject to location and survey)
  • Nutanix Hosting complemented by desk space, work space, BC/DR space and meeting rooms
  • Include a FortiGate Enterprise class next generation firewall for maximum protection
  • Read the full FortiGate 100F datasheet here and the Gartner Magic Quadrant report here

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