What Is Cloud Computing?

The ‘Cloud’ is a bit of a mysterious term, with everyone seemingly having their own definition. It’s a phrase that’s being thrown around everywhere these days and no one seems to know what it really means – but here at Datanet we’re going to explain exactly what cloud computing is and the options available to you.

The ‘Cloud’ is simply a metaphor for the internet. If something is stored on the Cloud it means that it is stored online, not in your computer’s hard drive. Cloud computing (also known as cloud hosting) is a bit different though; it refers to subscription or pay-per-use services that allow you to increase capacity or add capabilities instantly over the internet without the need to invest in new infrastructure, staff training or new software. Basically, cloud computing is anything that extends your IT abilities over the internet in real time.

Cloud Computing Extends IT Abilities

It’s an industry that is growing exponentially and you can expect a whole host of new cloud computing services to crop up in the next few months and years, though as one of the longest serving provider of hosting in the UK Datanet are top choice for reliable cloud solutions!

what is cloud computingWhen it comes to business there are several cloud computing options available, such as:

  • Software as a Service (SaaS), where you subscribe to an application over the internet
  • Utility computing, which provides storage and virtual servers on demand
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS), which allows you to create your own custom applications
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), where companies can rent infrastructure and choose their own RAM, bandwidth, disk space and other specifications
  • Managed Server Providers (MSP), an application exposed to IT rather than end users
  • Service Commerce Platforms, which offer a service hub that users can interact with

Cloud hosting spreads a website or application across various servers – the number of which you can alter at any time on the fly – so it provides businesses with maximum uptime, high bandwidth and exceptional reliability.

Improve Speed, Agility and Innovation with Cloud Hosting from Datanet

Cloud computing offers businesses speed and innovation – but which cloud computing solution is right for your business? Here at Datanet we provide 2 different cloud hosting options on our virtualised VMware platform:

Private Cloud
The Virtual Server is partitioned and preordained for you, with a bespoke configuration to suit your businesses individual requirements. The security is 100% defined by you and administered by you.

Hybrid Cloud
The Hybrid Cloud allows you to keep some of your IT in house and move some into the cloud. You have flexibility over which services are cloud based which can be altered as your business changes. We will also manage your cloud servers for you, reducing hassle and time requirements on your part.

Don’t let all this cloud talk make you feel fuzzy though. Cloud computing and hosting is simple and cost effective, and an increasing number of SMBs are turning to it to run their business. For more information about cloud computing, the solutions we offer and how it can benefit your business, please call 0845 130 6010.

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