How Can You Use Leased Lines?

A leased line is a dedicated, fixed bandwidth used to link two locations together. It is used to transfer data and guarantees a certain bandwidth as it is only used by the two locations it links; the speed of data transfer – which can include voice and video – will not be affected by the number of users on the ISP or peak internet times. Usually, one location is a corporate office and the other is another office or a data centre.

Leased Lines Offer Benefits for Internet-Heavy Businesses

leased linesLeased lines, or private circuits, are best used between two locations where bandwidth heavy applications are used. Because they are symmetric, they can download data just as fast as they can upload it, which is incredibly useful for business which need to send large files, access their PCs from home, backup data using online services or upload large files to the internet – and these are just a few of the benefits that installing a leased line provides.

Here at Datanet we are committed to providing businesses with the means to operate effectively and efficiently. Our services include the provision of leased lines, MPSL multi site connections, colocation hosting and VMware hosting to name but a few.

The Only Company You Need for Leased Lines

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