Business Phone lines and calls for VoIP and broadband

Datanet provides  business line rentals for PSTN, ISDN2e (BRI) and ISDN30 (PRI) throughout the UK both on premise and in our datacentre.

shutterstock_88486912The lines are delivered and supported by BT Openreach who have 100% coverage in the UK. This means that no matter where you are in the UK we can deliver a cost effective solution for your business using the lines in conjunction with ADSL or FTTC to supply broadband connectivity to your premises.

Because your PSTN line and broadband are both supplied by Datanet you now have a single point of contact direct with our support team should any faults occur.

Call 0845 130 6010 to find out more about how Datanet can support your business with our complete communications portfolio.

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