Building your own GPU Cryptomining Rig

Are you thinking about building your own GPU crypto mining rig?

I caught up with Jeremy Yeatman, who is building his own GPU mining rig, to find out how he got on with the build.


P106-100 Nvidia GPU card: 1060 chip dedicated to mining with passive cooling and no HDMI connector

1. Why did you decide to build your own rig?
“I like the versatility of GPU mining and thought building the rig looked straightforward. On seeing the potential income figures I decided it was worth a try.”
2. How did you go about deciding which bits of hardware to use?
“For the GPUs we researched which chipset would give us best “bang per buck”, then it was just a question of finding supply. For the other components we read reviews from other miners and chose based on their recommendations.”
3. What sort of issues have you had in sourcing the hardware?
All items specific to mining e.g. high power PSUs, and the GPUs were difficult to source and many of the suppliers are showing “out of stock”
4. Once you had all the bits of kit – how easy has it been to put the rig together?
I have had a fair amount of experience in assembling computers so I found it straightforward to assemble the rig.
5. Did you come across some unexpected hardships whilst putting the rig together?
Not particularly, although with each GPU requiring 3 cables (2 x power, 1 x USB3) the case can get quite busy with cables and you want to avoid impeding airflow.

GPU mining rig with one Nvidia 1070 GPU card

6. Is your rig fully up and running now?
It’s mining with 3 of 6 GPUs, pending receipt of remaining GPUs.
7. Will you be building another one?
I would like to mine for a period of time to gauge the results before I make a decision to buy further hardware.
8. What software did you choose?
Initially with Nicehash on Windows while I learn more about other options available to me. I aim to move onto Linux as soon as possible.


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