You Are Your Own Best Security Officer, with a little help from Fortinet…

My dad used to say “You are your own best Safety officer” and in today’s technology world that could read “You are your own best Security officer” and of course what that means is that you must take responsibility for your security and your business security and yes you can delegate but you can’t assume anything.

Recently, millions of Capital One customers had their data hacked whilst hosted on Amazon AWS and Capital One acknowledged that the security lapse was their own fault and not AWS who were hosting the data. You might relate it to your own on-premise or cloud based hosted services, you should rightly expect your hosting provider to keep your services up and running, this largely entails ensuring the power, cooling, connectivity and hardware are operational with a 99.99% SLA. A basic level of security might be included for example a rules based or stateful firewall, more advanced next generation firewalls (NGFW) with unified threat management (UTM) probably won’t be included unless specifically requested and will likely be a chargeable extra. These UTM security devices are available for deployment in Amazon AWS and Azure as well as deployment here in your local data centre and on-premise. UTM devices such as the Fortinet FortiGate regularly win the coveted place in Gartner magic quadrant for being the leader in unified threat management…

How can a FortiGate NGFW with UTM protect my business network and data?

Almost anything that you can do on-premise or in public cloud can be protected by a FortiGate device:-

  • Protects against known exploits, malware and malicious websites using continuous threat intelligence provided by FortiGuard Labs security services
  • Identify thousands of applications including cloud applications for deep inspection into network traffic
  • Detects unknown attacks using dynamic analysis and provides automated mitigation to stop targeted attacks
  • Includes IPS intrusion prevention, anti-spam, anti-virus, anti-botnet
  • Secure SD-WAN and high performance IPsec VPN
  • FortiGate 100F Data Sheet
  • Gartner Magic Quadrant Report
  • CTAP Cyber Threat Assessment Programme CTAP Sample Report
  • Now call Jeremy or Conleth at Datanet on 01252 810010 to speak with us about protecting your network and hosted data and to arrange a CTAP assessment of your network


Show me a few typical applications

  • Fortinet Firewall providing UTM unified threat management against cyber attacks
  • Hosted customer with two advanced Dell servers required, Load Balancing, Full Unified Threat Management, Intrusion Prevention – all provided by Datanet with a pair of FortiGate 60E’s
  • CoLo customer with own servers in 1/3 rack was being contantly hacked and had their servers taken down, all now protected and working flawlessly thanks to a pair of FortiGate 30E’s


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