Benefits of Co-location

There is a current trend that many businesses are choosing to co-locate their I.T infrastructure off benefits of colocationpremise at a secure Data Centre but what is co-location and what is the benefit in choosing this service?

In brief, co-location is a service whereby organisations can host their servers and other computing hardware in a rack in a secure data centre. The organisations generally pay a setup fee and a monthly rental for this service.

Benefits of co-location

  1. Security: A Data Centre is a highly secure building and usually has access cards for entry and security cameras thus ensuring that your data and hardware will always be safe.
  2. Stability: A Data Centre will have a UPS system and also generators onsite so if there is a power cut your data and services will be uninterrupted and secure. Some companies choose to co-locate their I.T infrastructure as part of their Business Continuity Plan.
  3. Connectivity: A Data Centre will be connected to the Internet by huge fibre circuits giving your services and data access to generous bandwidth which would not normally be available in an office.
  4. Resilience: A Data Centre will have a resilient network in place – for example at Datanet we guarantee 99.999% uptime due to our resilient diverse network.
  5. Reduced growth expense: Business growth requires an increase in power and equipment. Co-location can reduce the cost of expansion since the business only needs to pay for the extra co-location costs rather than building additional space of its own.

Co-location frees up your I.T staff and company resources allowing you to focus on other strategic business areas.  A co-location facility not only offers space, power, cooling, connectivity and security but also availability of your data and services and high bandwidth.  You also have the peace of mind that the onsite expert engineers are available when you need them.

Datanet has been providing customers with Hosting & Connectivity solutions for 20+ years.  You too can benefit from the highest levels of resilience provided by our Tier 3+ London Edge Data Centre ensuring plentiful POWER, COOLING, CONNECTIVITY and SECURITY.

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