Backup & Recovery with Asigra

AsigraDatanet is working  with Asigra to offer our clients who need a robust Backup & Recovery as a service solution the option to backup a variety of data from many sources (data from Servers, Desktops, Tablets, iPhones and Virtual Platforms.)  Asigra gives our customers the flexibility to backup ALL their data to our high performance Dell EqualLogic storage within Aspen House Data Centre and manage it from a central portal.

The benefits of Asigra:

  • Recover your data no matter where you are from multiple sites
  • Agentless cloud-based recovery software which is easy to manage and deploy
  • Provides a single consolidated repository for your backup data and 100% recovery assurance.
  • Your data is safe guarded from its source to its repository as Asigra encrypts all data using a NIST approved FIPS 140-2 certified encryption software.
  • Compatible with all devices including Servers, Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, Smartphones, Virtual Machines; and platforms including Windows, Linux or MAC
  • Manage all your backups from one central portal.


It’s simple to start using Asigra for your backup and recovery needs. Datanet can facilitate the  implementation of  your Backup & Recovery as a Service ( BRaaS) solution in 3 simple steps

  • The Asigra software is already installed on our dedicated Backup & Recovery EqualLogic storage server in Aspen House Fleet.  You only buy licenses for the amount of data storage you require ( there is no additional license fee for the amount of devices or platforms that you wish to backup).
  • All our customers are welcome to come to the Data Centre to upload the initial seed upload ( this could be many Terabytes of data) with the assistance of our skilled engineers.
  • The backup schedules and parameters can be managed by you through a central portal. Once the schedules are set up the incremental backups will run indefinitely within the parameters set.

Datanet can assess your storage needs and tailor a cloud backup solution stored in our UK based Data Centre just outside the M25. Our skilled engineers can advise you which solution would suit your business requirements.

Remember it’s not about backup it’s about recovery.  If you have your data backed up with Datanet we can help you with your recovery plan. You can come and use our offices whilst you are getting back on your feet – Datanet can provide you with a desk, phone line and Internet connection. Call us today on 01252 810010 and find out how Datanet can be part of your Business Continuity Plan.

Call our team today on 01252 810010 to find out more about how we can help you