Aspen House Fleet (AHF) Planned Critical Repair

Aspen House Fleet (AHF) Data Centre Phase2 Planned Critical Repair

As part of the data centre Phase2 development at Aspen House Fleet, we are pleased to announce that the works to increase our power supply and installation of new UPS’s and generator is coming to a close.

We would like to inform all our customers, but particularly our customers with services and devices hosted within Aspen House Fleet, of a planned critical repair.   There is a serious risk of a power outage at AHF on Wednesday 11th November 2009 between 06:00 and 08:00.  This outage may occur as one of the original UPS will be diverted from the existing LV panel to the new purpose built LV switch room, representing a one time major improvement to our power infrastructure.

Whilst we have engineered the solution to avoid a power outage, for health and safety and technical reasons we have to advise that a power outage is a real possibility during this period.  In the event of this power outage, you may need to reboot your equipment sometime around 8am on Wednesday 11th November, please also take any other precautions you may feel necessary during this unusual power upgrade.

For our customers whose mail is processed by Datanet mail services, no action is required, though there may be a delay in the delivery of your mail during this period.

We apologise in advance should this outage occur.

Please do not hesitate to contact us on 0845 130 6010 if you have any questions, or by email to

Why is Datanet upgrading the power to their AHF Fleet data centre and how will it benefit me?

One of the main issues affecting data centres has been the lack of available power to allow ‘full occupancy’ within them.  Racks are often restricted on their power supply which can limit the number of devices that each rack can support.  As devices become more ‘power hungry’, you may find that you will have to occupy more racks purely because of the lack of power.  Clearly this is not the most cost effective method of hosting, either for the customer, or the data centre.

With the installation of our own 1.5MVA dedicated sub-station with dual HV feed from National Grid and 2500Amp x 3 phase dedicated LV panel, all Merlin Gerin & Schneider switch gear, the Aspen House  data centre is ranked amongst highest Amps/Kw per sq. ft. in UK.

The benefits to our customers will be many but include:-

  • Safety in the knowledge that Aspen House is a data centre for the future, not just for today
  • The infrastructure at Aspen House allows growth and further development for all our customers

Full details of Aspen House Specification can be found at

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