Exciting Changes To Datanet’s Search Engine Service

09/06/2004 – Exciting Changes To Datanet’s Search Engine Service

Datanet has been providing search engine registration (SER and SERpro) services for the past 5 years or so, and have learned and built on the successes we have had. As we move forward, we want to help further improve your online results and focus on the most relevant and successful elements of search engine optimisation (SEO). With this in mind we are expanding and introducing several new aspects to the service. Not only will this mean we are able to more closely monitor the relationship between search engine ranking and visitor traffic, but we can use this knowledge to make real, ongoing improvements to your website. We will be expanding our search engine service with additional services to include regular maintenance, newsletters, e-mail broadcasts, enhanced reporting tools, metrics and tracking, specific domains, campaign marketing, online surveys, template micro web sites; a programme to achieve as much leverage from each individual web site and content page as possible. For more information about Datanets new search engine programme please contact sales on: 0845 130 6010 or email sales@data.net.uk

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