5…, 4…, 3…, 2…, 1 – We Have Phase II Lift Off!

5…., 4…., 3…., 2…., 1 – We Have Phase II Lift Off!

Great excitement at Aspen House – the builders, electricians, planners and project managers have taken up residence once again as the roll out of Phase II begins!

Unlike Phase 1, Managing Director, Conleth McCallan was not at the controls of the machinery, much to the relief of our neighbours, as you will understand from the picture below!

Fully Qualified Driver Operates Machinery!

Phase II will see the installation of another 26 racks, the air-conditioning, UPS’s, generators and our own 1.5MVA electricity sub-station to provide dual 32Amp power strips per rack, for the whole datacentre floor.

Commenting on this second phase of Aspen House development, Conleth McCallan said.

“We are absolutely delighted to be announcing this new phase of our Aspen House datacentre development.  Everyone at Datanet has worked extremely hard to ensure that our plans haven’t been delayed due to recent economic conditions.  Additionally, we must thank our customers for their continued loyalty as we look forward to increasing facilities and services available to them”.

Phase II is scheduled to complete at the end of November 2009.  We look forward to keeping you updated!

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