1U CoLo Promotion, what you can’t do in AWS/Azure/GCP – from just £79 per month

1U of colocation is the building block on your journey to the cloud and data centre.

1U colocation in a data centre rack is enough space to support a 1U device such as a Dell or HP Server or SuperMicro server, NAS storage, Firewall or any other devices that takes up 1U of space ( 1 ³⁄₄” high and 19 ” wide), it is the building block and most common server unit size across the industry. String a few U’s together and you’re on that journey to the cloud and we can show you how to take a couple of well spec’d servers and create your own cloud infrastruccture…

Along with this 1U of space, Datanet provide bandwidth, power, cooling and engineering support. Over the years Datanet have provided many happy customers with 1U of rack space and as their business has grown they have gone on to take either a ⅓ rack (14U) or in some cases their own full 47U rack, that is the roadmap, enjoy the journey….

What problems can I solve and what can I do with 1U ?

Almost anything that you can do on-premise or in public cloud can be done with the building block 1U of rack space, you just provide the device:-

  • Your own server to run your applications in your private cloud
  • You can build your own private cloud to offer applications such as VoIP
  • You want to backup lot of data to your own dedicated off site storage
  • Packed with the latest 16TB drives, you could have 60TB offsite
  • Pick it up and drop it off when you need to invoke your DR plan
  • A high performance web server, not shared with anybody
  • A firewall with full UTM (unified threat management)
  • Access to additional high availability storage across the data centre
  • And all this in a data centre which offers huge amounts of bandwidth
  • Everybody, your customers, prospects and staff get a fast reliable experience


Show me a few typical applications

  • Dell or SuperMicro server packed with high performance drives
  • Together with a couple more U: your own VMware vSAN or Azure Stack HCI
  • Now you’ve got your own private cloud to run all your business apllications in the cloud…
  • Fortinet Firewall providing UTM unified threat management against cyber attacks
  • SonicWall protecting other devices and applications
  • Cisco ASA Load Balancer
  • NAS network attached storage
  • Raspberry Pi Farm
  • Routers and switches as part of a IaaS deployment
  • Short term proof of concept deployment


Tell me about the specification of my 1U

  • 1U space in a full size 47U (standard 19″ rack width)
  • 2 power feeds with a total of 500mA per U purchased
  • 1Gb port with 1TB data transfer (1000GB or approx 3Mb CDR) and 1 public 1IP (v4)
  • Escorted access to ensure security and integrity (chargeable out of hours)
  • Full data centre redundancy
  • Great access from M3/J4a, 10 miles from M25 and plenty of parking and helping hands
  • From just £79 pm per 1U and £79 set-up fee, short term contracts available
  • Add IDRAC/ILO feed for full lights out remote access from £19 pm
  • Add managed firewall £TBA
  • Add additional high availability storage from £0.08p per GB


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