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Why Datanet

Why Datanet? Watch our video.


VMware Cloud and VMware Hosting from Datanet, the longest serving hosting and VMware provider in the UK

Cloud Hosting offers – don’t lose out, fill in the form or call 0845 130 6010:

6 months at half price!
Your commercial virtual server in the cloud at half price for the first 6 months of an 18 month contract:

  • Enterprise class virtual servers running on very high spec VMware, Dell blade servers and EMC SAN’s with daily snapshots

  • Free engineering support: we’ll set your server up and help you load, test and run your business applications

  • 12 month contracts also available with 3 months at half price

Datanet’s unique Private and Hybrid Cloud solutions are based on VMware’s industry leading technology and optionally include a Windows or Linux operating system.  We deliver High Availability on a multi-host EMC central storage platform with compute power provided by Dell blade chassis, with daily snapshots assuring your business continuity and peace of mind. Datanet is an accredited VMware Cloud and VMware Hosting provider and is one of the longest serving and most reliable hosting providers in the UK. Your VMware cloud hosting will be from our Fleet high efficiency and high power data centre with failover to one of our 3 London data centres.

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How do I decide which VMware Hosting solution best suits my business?

For simplicity and to assist you, we have created some VMware Hosting bundles based on our most popular models, which are easily upgradeable through our selection of ‘Add Ons’.  So, if you can’t see the VMware Hosting solution you need, call our *Solutions Consultants on 0845 130 6010 or email us and we will be delighted to help.

Our ‘World Class’ VMware cloud and VMware hosting Virtual Servers are built on the following platform:-
VMware, Intel processors, Dell Blade Servers, EMC SAN Storage and Cisco switch gear

Virtual Bundles & Application




Expert Server

Perfect for moderately utilised business applications such as CRM application, stock/ordering system or moderately sized websites.

  • Managed VMware Hosting based on vSphere 4.1 Software
  • 1 x Managed Cisco Firewall
  • 1 x Managed VPN
  • 2 x IP Addresses
  • Cisco Load Balancer
  • 24 x 7 Fully Supported Virtual Machines
  • VMware Templates (reinstatement of original)
  • Commissioned next working day




Business Server

Aimed more towards applications that require a higher demand such as multiple client/server and database querying applications or more resource intensive websites.

  • Managed VMware Hosting based on vSphere 4.1 Software
  • 1 x Managed Cisco Firewall
  • 2 x Managed VPN’s
  • 4 x IP Addresses
  • Cisco Load Balancer
  • 24 x 7 Fully Supported Virtual Machines
  • Weekly Snapshot (kept for 7 days)
  • VMware Templates (reinstatement of original)
  • Commissioned next working day




Enterprise Server

Suitable for the higher end e-commerce websites and real-time business critical applications with higher processor and memory demands.

  • Managed VMware Hosting based on vSphere 4.1 Software
  • 1 x Managed Cisco Firewall
  • 4 x Managed VPN’s
  • 8 x IP Addresses
  • Cisco Load Balancer
  • 24 x 7 Fully Supported Virtual Machines
  • Daily Snapshot (kept for 10 days)
  • VMware Templates (reinstatement of original)
  • Commissioned next working day





Download our Cloud Hosting Data Sheet

Virtualisation is a technology that allows multiple operating systems and applications to be run separately on a single server or seamlessly across multiple servers. Datanet’s VMware Cloud and VMware Hosting infrastructure utilises the VMware Enterprise ESX Server platform to transform or “virtualise” the hardware resources of x86-based servers – including the CPU, RAM, hard disk and network controller – to create fully functional virtual machines that can run their own operating systems and applications just like an “ordinary”, only better, computer. Choose Datanet the VMware Provider of choice, contact us now using the form above or call 0845 130 6010. Mulitple virtual machines share hardware resources without interfering with each other so that you can safely run several operating systems and applications at the same time on a single server.

Datanet’s VMware Cloud and VMware Hosting platform is summarised in the diagram below.   By decoupling the entire software environment from its underlying hardware infrastructure, virtualisation enables the aggregation of multiple servers, storage infrastructure and networks into shared pools of resources that can be delivered dynamically, securely and reliably to applications as needed.

Virtualisation and Datanet

VMware hosting and VMware cloud options is now available with Datanet’s high level of personal service as one of the UK’s longest serving award winning VMware providers.  Virtual hosting offers more flexibility, scalability and availability and will be of particular interest to businesses with resource hungry applications and those where business continuity is of paramount importance.

Datanet’s VMware Solutions Feature

  • High availability, automatic failover
  • Scalability: Processor speed (GHz), RAM (GB) and disk space (GB)
  • Burst capability: to handle peak requirements
  • Dynamic resource schedule
  • Advanced business continuity at a lower cost
  • Energy and cost efficient
  • Pay only for the computing capacity you require
  • Datacentre VMware hosting infrastructure managed by Datanet
  • Based on mulit-node, multi-core processors with advance SAN
  • Offsite backups and onsite daily snapshots
  • Service delivered from our Aspen House Fleet (AHF) data centre
  • 15 minutes outside the M25
  • Onsite engineering support, we have VMware accredited VCPs and VSPs here onsite
  • Facilities for your engineers during build
  • Multiple fibre based connectivity options
  • Custom DSL options (CDD connects you direct to your server)
  • Power efficient and Eco friendly datacentre
  • ISO9001 & ISO27001 accredited
  • VMware Cloud and VMware Hosting from the UK’s longest serving hosting and connectivity provider

VMware Server Virtualisation – Key Benefits

Hosted virtual machines deliver better availability than dedicated servers because they can provide high availability (HA) by migrating from one host server to another with no down-time.  Hosted virtual machines are also easier to scale without purchasing additional hardware, and more secure because each virtual machine is completely abstracted from the hardware and isolated from other virtual machines.

Hosted virtualised VMware servers allow you to

  • Enjoy superior levels of agility, performance, scalability and business continuity
  • Reduce hardware costs while ensuring your critical applications remain available and responsive
  • Leverage existing processes, certifications, skills and industry leading 24×7 datacentres
  • Guaranteed connectivity with 100Mb or 1Gb access to the Internet via redundant Gigabit links
  • Onsite remote hands support
  • Pro-active high availability
  • Cost efficient with the freeing up of time and resource for IT staff
  • Consolidate IT infrastructure and save power
  • Be greener, Datanet’s Aspen House Fleet data centre uses power from 100% renewable resources

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