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What benefits would Managed Server Hosting bring my business?

  • High levels of resilience and increased redundancy
  • ISO9001 & ISO27001 certified facilities
  • Reliability with guaranteed connectivity 24/7
  • Cost efficient with the freeing up of time and resources for IT staff
  • Reduce overheads and have access to facilities/bandwidth options not physically or financially feasible to supply at company offices
  • Vital data stored in a maximum-security facility
  • Offsite back-up solutions

Dedicated managed hosting and dedicated managed servers ensure you always have access to your vital information via our high availability data centre and high capacity network.  Individual managed firewall options are available to guarantee the security of any company data transferred across the Internet, ensuring your data remains safe and only accessed by those with your permission.

Datanet can offer your business bespoke and scalable dedicated server hosting solutions that give you the reassurance and security so vital in today's business environment.  Hosting facilities are available at our own datacentre, Aspen House in Fleet, Hampshire, or in one of our datacentre facilities in and around London.Storing your vital business data in a secure and resilient location, as opposed to locating it in offices or warehouses, ensures the safety of both the information and the equipment. Datanet managed hosting in our state of the art Fleet data centre with on site engineering support is ultra reliable, cost effective and comes with friendly and expert support.

In addition to our top class dedicated managed hosting solutions, we can also provide added security in the form of our offsite back-up and other managed services. To enquire about our dedicated server hosting contact our solutions consultants on 01252 810010

Dedicated Server

Which dedicated server best suits my business needs?

Datanet’s expertise and heritage in managing dedicated servers enables us to offer you a comprehensive range of best-in-class server systems. Choose from a range of market-leading servers equipped with Intel Xeon processors to meet your performance needs, built-in redundant hard drives, encryption, security and data protection options.

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Offsite Backup options

Self-service back-up options

Datanet's innovative self-service back-up option allows you to secure your business critical data. You have complete control over the initial set-up and ongoing service, allowing you to decide what data you want backed up, when, and how often. Adjust as often as you need to, allowing you to respond quickly to your changing business needs.

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