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At Datanet, we like to treat our customers as individuals and understand that the needs of your business are not the same as other businesses.  That’s why we we provide a very personal service, designing hosting and connectivity solutions that are as individual as you are.

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Datanet Logo Low Res (10kB gif)

Datanet Logo Hi Res (40kB jpg)

 Direct Debit Instruction Our Direct Debit Instruction form can be downloaded here

 RIPE Justification Form

Datanet Datasheets

Datanet’s datasheets are designed to provide you with simple, beneficial information in an easy to download and printable format.

In the below list we have covered the main areas of interest, if you would like information on a separate subject please contact our IP Solution Consultants on 0845 130 6010 or email

To view the following pdf documents you will need Adobe Reader, which can be downloaded here.

Overview data sheets:

 About Datanet

  Network and Partners

  Data Centre


  Dedicated Servers

  Cloud Hosting


Technology specific downloads:

Business Critical Hosting (202 KB pdf)
A synopsis of hosting and the benefits they attract

Leased Line Connectivity (267 KB pdf)
A synopsis of Leased Line connections and the benefits they attract

MPLS Connectivity (349 KB pdf)
A synopsis of MPLS (Multi Protocol Label Switching) connections and the benefits they attract

Broadband Internet Connectivity (203 KB pdf)
A synopsis of broadband connections and the benefits they attract

Premier Support on DSL (197 KB pdf)
An overview of how our 20-hour fault resolution option works

IP Convergence (188 KB pdf)
An overview of what is involved and the benefits to SMEs

Virtual Private Networks (292 KB pdf)
A synopsis of VPNs and the benefits they attract to all types of businesses

Voice over IP (179 KB pdf)
A synopsis of Voice over IP and who can benefit from such technology

Learn more with our Datanet White Papers

Datanet Power Outage
What did Datanet learn about planning and implementing our power upgrade?

The Future Beyond ADSL
What are your options when DSL connections no longer meet your business needs?

The Work/Life Balance
How can home working benefit both your staff and your business?

Anti Spam White Paper
How can you help protect your inbox from the problem of spam?