24Mb broadband ADSL2

Faster 24Mb Broadband!

When speed really matters and time is of the essence, you need a fast Internet connection.  In association with BT, Datanet introduced our 24Mb broadband service in Spring 2010 based on BT's 21st Century Network.


Download/Upload speed comparison chart:

Unlimited Download (up to) 20th Century Network Upload (50:1 ratio) 20th Century Network Upload (20:1 ratio) 21st Century Network Upload 21st Century Network Upload
Y 0.5Mb 256kb
Y 1Mb 256kb
Y 2Mb 256Kb 256Kb
Y 8Mb up to 448Kb up to 832Kb up to 448Kb up to 832Kb
Both 24Mb up to 1Mb* up to 1.32Mb
N 40Mb up to 10Mb**
Y 80Mb up to 20Mb
Y Private up to 20Mb

*20GB download p/m
**30GB download p/m

Sounds good? But what are the benefits?

The installation of this now widely available technology has allowed for the increase in download speed of up to a massive 24Mb.  Additionally, the upload speed, which was historically 256kb on standard fixed rate ADSL products, may increase to up to 1Mb.  The majority of existing connections should become even more stable than previously experienced.

Will you get the benefits of ADSL2+?

Hopefully! There will be situations that still affect the level of success of ADSL2+ for some clients, these include:-

  • Distance between your location and the BT exchange
  • Condition of the copper telephone lline from your location to the BT cabinet

Will my existing router work with ADSL2+?

All SpeedTouch 546 and 585i and Cisco 1800 routers supplied by Datanet are ADSL2+ compatible.  Earlier models will probably not be compatible. The Cisco 1700 series of routers is not compatible.

If your router is not compatible and your service is an ADSL2+ product, your router will effectively sync at the rate of your previous ADSL product.  Therefore, in order to benefit from the faster speed, you may need to update your equipment.

SpeedTouch & Cisco Routers


Will I need to reconfigure my modem/router for ADSL2+?

If you have been using a modem/router with your ADSL service, which is already ADSL2+ compatible, you will not need to reconfigure it. If you are in any doubt, please refer to the manufacturers instructions that came with your modem/router or call Datanet on 01252 810010 and we will be happy to help.

What do I do if my modem/router is not ADSL2+ compatible?

Firstly, don’t worry! We can provide ADSL2+ compatible equipment and we’ll even configure it for you! (subject to additional charge).

Will my existing firewall work with ADSL2+?

Of all the firewalls that Datanet has supplied, only one, the Netscreen 5XP will not operate at a speed that the new high speed ADSL2+ connection may achieve. There is a limitation of up to 10Mb if you use a Netscreen 5XP on your line as this is the capacity of the hardware.

Datanet Support Includes:-

  • Support team available 24/7 on their dedicated number 01252 813396. Please press option 1.
  • Fast provisioning
Call our team today on 01252 810010 to find out more about your connectivity options